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Scented tea means that the tea leaves have picked up the scent of additives such as jasmine petals, spice, fruit peel or perhaps smoke.  Tea is like a sponge and will take on the fragrant properties of nearly anything.  Prime examples of ancient scented teas are Jasmine Tea and Lapsang Souchong.


Flavored tea indicates that an oil or flavoring has been blended with the tea.  The flavoring coats and is soaked into the tea leaf.  There are both natural and artificial flavors.  Generally speaking, additional petals, fruit bits and spices are added to flavored tea rather than to a scented tea which would alter its characteristics.

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  Annie's Secret Garden 3 oz

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  Apricot Mist 3 oz

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  Black Currant 3oz

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  Cherries in the Snow 3 oz

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