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All of our decaf teas are decaffeinated using the CO2 method - the only method allowed in order to retain the organic certification. Tea contains between 1.6 percent and 4.5 percent caffeine. For a tea to be legally labeled "decaffeinated" in the United States, 98% of the caffeine must be removed. The main decaffeination processes use one of three methods: carbon dioxide, methylene chloride, or ethyl acetate.

Caffeine-free labels apply to herbal products not traditional teas (camellia sinensis). Carbon dioxide is a high pressure process and is considered to be natural and more gentle to the tea leaves. The ethyl acetate decaffeination process produces tea which is 99.9 percent decaffeinated.

Carbon dioxide is the most widely used solvent for decaffeination of foods. Carbon dioxide is odorless and tasteless and the processing leaves no toxic residues. The caffeine extraction occurs at room temperature which protects the quality of the tea. The CO2 process has minimal effect on the health benefits of the tea and has minimal effect on flavor as well. The main effect that we notice is in the price of decaf tea: it is substantially more expensive to use the carbon dioxide method rather than the chemical (ethyl acetate) method but we believe the health benefits are worth the few pennies extra per cup of tea.

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  Black Currant Decaf 3 oz

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  Earl Grey Decaf 3 oz

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  English Breakfast Decaf 3 oz

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  Green Tea Decaf 3 oz.

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  Island Breeze 3 oz

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